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Siblings Workshop

Siblings Workshops are for children who have a brother or sister with additional needs and are 6 years or older. 


The impact of having a brother or sister with special needs can be complex and profound, affecting the happiness, development and mental health of the child in many ways.

Our course of six workshops is designed with this in mind and is aimed at giving these children a safe environment in which to share and learn strategies and techniques that can help them. The benefits are many, including developing friendships, confidence, knowledge and a general sense that they are not alone.

Workshops are run by Ruth and Lucy, who have both received training in leading Siblings Workshops from the national charity 'Sibs'. If you would like more information about the benefits of children attending Siblings Workshops then you can read more at

"It’s helped us as a family to feel like we are not alone in our journey, people understanding and providing a wealth of knowledge, advice and support."

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