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Lucy Sarna 


Chair & Founder


Hi, I’m Lucy and I live in Belper with my husband, Jem, and our two complex boys.

Our boys’ needs are diverse, our eldest son having ADHD, ASD and anxiety and our youngest a chromosome disorder so rare there are only a handful of people in the world with this condition. Like most special needs families, life has been an exhausting journey of love, intense worry, overwhelming sense of responsibility, vulnerability, health worries, uphill struggles and at one time, terrible loneliness. 

Since founding Special Friends my life has change immeasurably, and very much for the better. 

I have met so many wonderful people and made amazing friends for life. I get immense pleasure out of helping this to happen for all the other families who come to Special Friends seeking understanding and support.  

We now have a fantastic team of Volunteers and Trustees, every single one of who is a special needs parent or sibling themselves and I am incredibly proud of all that we achieve together today. 

If you would like to read Our Story of how Special Friends began click here.

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